With a tenth of the global population of adolescent girls, India is home to the largest and youngest workforce in the world today. Having reached this pivotal demographic point in our economic and political history, the investment in our girls, their health and well-being, their education and skilling, their productivity, economic potential and leadership are a key national priority.

In our quest for understanding what it means to be a teenage girl in India, we realised they did not feature as the key respondent group in any large-scale database. This prompted Naandi Foundation to conduct a survey - the Teen Age Girls Survey (TAG Report) that reached over 70,000 households across 600 districts in 30 states of India.

What did this TAG Report(Teen Age Girls Survey) tell us about our girls?

What is the nation’s ‘report card’ on lives of teenage girls?

What are their dreams and aspirations?

What are their fears and hardships?

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