Nanhi Kali - For The Girl Child
Empowered Women, Empower Women!

On International Women's Day, let's celebrate the independent and strong women who help our
little Nanhi Kalis grow up to realise their own potential.

The strength, courage, perseverance and determination of all the women who work for Project Nanhi Kali have helped shape and transform lives of our Nanhi Kalis, into successful women of tomorrow. We thank them for selflessly focusing on getting our Nanhi Kalis closer to their dreams.

Help us build the futures of many more Nanhi Kalis.

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Stories of the Month


Karima - A grandmother who dreams big
for her grandchild Hajiya Begum

Hajiya Begum's grandmother Karima was the sole caretaker and only family member Hajiya had since she was just a few weeks old, when her mother abandoned her only because she was born a girl.

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Veena - Fight for the right reasons,
winning then is inevitable

In today’s day and age very few women wish to devote their time and energies for the welfare of others and Veena Vinayak Kamble is
one such example.

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Laxmi - Shaping young minds for
a better future

Opportunities come to everyone at some point but how one nurtures them is what matters. Laxmi, from Burari village in Delhi got such an opportunity when she first became a Nanhi Kali.

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Corporate Partnerships Update

Project Nanhi Kali at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2017


Project Nanhi Kali had a great turn out at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon again this year. On Jan 15, 2017, a 420 member strong Mahindra contingent and several individual supporters ran for Project Nanhi Kali. We also had the great support of our passionate leader, Mr. V. S. Parthasarathy, CFO of Mahindra & Mahindra. He individually raised Rs. 12,16,430 at the #SCMM 2017 that will support around 400 Nanhi Kalis. We thank Mr. V. S. Parthasarathy for continuously being a supporter, contributor as well as campaigner for Project Nanhi Kali.

The Dream run witnessed all our supporters wearing yellow Project Nanhi Kali T-shirts, carrying placards and banners to spread the message to #EducateTheGirlChild. Almost everyone at SCMM ran 100 meters extra in support of Project Nanhi Kali, as part of an initiative put together by Nestlé India. We thank the individual runners and Team Mahindra Rise for their enthusiasm and commitment to #EducateTheGirlChild.

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Tweet to #EducateTheGirlChild


WatConsult, a leading digital agency, partnered with Project Nanhi Kali in early January for a twitter campaign. The campaign aimed at promoting girl child education through hashtag mentions. '#ThatsMyGirl' was to be tweeted, resulting in a donation of INR 10 by WatConsult. Top Twitter influencers, brands along with a large number of twitteratis supported the initiative by retweeting about the campaign using #ThatsMyGirl.

The campaign raised INR 10,89,100 for Project Nanhi Kali to support the education of 363 girls for a year. The credit goes to WatConsult for initiating such a unique campaign that garnered the right attention and drew in a great amount
to educate the girl children.


ArisGlobal Software Pvt. Ltd.'s Gentle Steps to Change the Harsh Reality


ArisGlobal Software Pvt. Ltd. is supporting 902 primary Nanhi Kalis in the Soolagiri block of Krishnagiri.
Thank you so much for partnering with us to transform lives and open up an ocean of opportunities
for our Nanhi Kalis


This International Women's Day, help us support and encourage underprivileged girls to
realise their potential and change the world.

Join the movement to #EducateTheGirlChild

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