Meet our Stars

M. Mincy

22 years
Works at TCS
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"My father was the sole breadwinner, working as a driver. He starts work
at 4 in the morning by washing cars and returns home only at 10 in the night. Despite the financial challenges, he has always believed that girls should be educated. I am grateful to him because left to my extended family, I would have been pulled out of school, simply for being a girl.

I was devastated when both he and my mother faced health problems. Our financial condition worsened and I was determined to find a job to supplement the family income. It was during my futile search for a job, that
I heard about Mahindra Pride School.

Apart from the training in IT, what helped me tremendously was the spoken English classes and the interview role plays. When TCS came for placement, I was confident that I would get the job, and I did. I still find it hard to believe sometimes that I work for a leading IT company. Today, I am happy to help my family and glad that my parents are proud of me. For all this, I cannot thank MPS enough.”