Arun Prakash

20 years
Works at Konkan Storage
Systems (Kochi) Ltd.,

Alappuzah, Kerala

Arun’s father was a coolie by profession, but in 1996, he was injured in a kerosene stove blast. Since then, his father had to stay at home while his mother worked to keep the family afloat by working as a coir worker. Arun and his brother helped out by taking up small jobs during the holidays. Arun has always been a bright student and his passion to study won him the Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship to pursue the diploma course in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating he got a job in Konkan Storage Systems (Kochi) Ltd. and today earns a salary of Rs 10,000 per month.

K.C. Mahindra UWC Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to deserving students in the age group of 16 to 18 years where they are given an opportunity to study at the Mahindra United World Colleges. Here they get the experience of international education, shared learning and community service.

Till date, 89 students have been awarded this Scholarship worth Rs. 9.73 crores. In 2016, four students were given scholarships amounting to Rs. 94.37 lakhs.

Mahindra Search for Talent Scholarship

We’ve always believed that academic excellence should be rewarded and this scholarship is the culmination of that belief. Instituted since 1983, it’s been awarded to students who excel at academics. Today, this scholarship is being awarded in 37 prestigious institutions to students obtaining the highest aggregate marks, based on the year end examination. Moreover, a student who receives this scholarship more than once is also awarded the 'Honour Scholarship' with a cash prize of Rs. 5000 and a citation from the Trust.